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[Reddcoin Twitter Bot] Check here for the latest Status Updates. And yes now you CAN tip unregistered users.

Hello fellow Reddheads

I’m going to use this post to update status on the Reddcoin Twitter Bot, including any upcoming new features and enhancement.Please check here on a daily basis.

  • You can check the latest Twitter trending of Altcoins here. let’s all work together to make Reddcoin trend higher on Twitter!
  • You can find the document on how to interact with @tipreddcoin here.

Here a short guide on how to use @tipreddcoin

  • To register, simply follow @tipreddcoin and accept the follow request it sends you. Afterwards, you can send “+register” command to verify the registration is successful.
  • All commands can be sent with public tweets or direct messages. Your public tweets should have the following format: “@tipreddcoin command parameter1 parameter2 parameter3”. Your direct messages are the same as the public tweets without the leading “@tipreddcoin”
  • Send “+help” to get a list of most commonly used commands.
  • Send “+info” to get your wallet address and the latest balance.
  • Send “+history” to get the details of your last transaction (limited to 1 due to 140-character cap on Twitter).
  • To send tips, send “+tip @recipient xyz RDD”. “+tip” can be replaced with “+send|give|pay”
  • To withdraw, send “+withdraw destination_wallet_address xyz RDD”. Use “ALL RDD” in this command to withdraw your entire balance or your withdrawal may fail due to charge of transaction cost (0.001 RDD).

Update 2014-02-26 I’ve re-enabled tipping unregistered users with modified behaviour. If you send tips to an unregistered user, @tipreddcoin will send you an confirmation and reminds you to get the @recipient to follow the bot. @tipreddcoin will NOT @reply to the @recipient in a public tweet or follow the @recipient automatically.

Update 2014-02-27 I’m now working on re-enabling “+rates” command so people can use it to get the latest RDD/BTC exchange rate from, the only exchange whose API seems to work at the moment. More exchanges will be added when their APIs become available and stable.

Update 2014-02-27 I’ve now enabled “+rates” command which gives a list of the latest mid prices of RDD/BTC across exchanges. is currently the only exchange that can reliably deliver this information. More will be added.

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