December 2014

Hey Reddheads – Hope you’re having a great holiday. Its been our goal to get the browser wallet out for you all before christmas. To that end, its been a busy several days on my end. Unfortunately, things aren’t completely seamless yet. The compiled version is giving some errors I wasn’t getting on my development version.

Nonetheless, I think you guys are anxious to try it out, so please read the very important info below, then give it a spin.


  • Back up your seed. Your seed is your money so don’t lose that. As long as you have your seed, your coins can be recovered.
  • Don’t store a significant sum of money on the browser wallet right now. This is a public BETA, not a final release. Issues are expected. Be safe with your money.
  • If you have some troubles with a transaction showing up, you can go to the settings, delete your wallet, and then re-import it with your seed.
  • Please do report all issues – I’ll be working through the break to get a more polished version ready.

With that said, Merry Christmas.

Dear Reddheads:

This is the last sticky post in this subreddit for the foreseeable future and we are happy to announce the launch of the official Reddcoin forums: . All future official announcements will be made in the forums and then cross-posted here. All responses from the dev team are also expected to be provided in the forums exclusively. The subreddit will become a place run by Reddheads and the dev team will gradually hand over the moderation to a group of Reddheads that display maturity and leadership.

This subreddit has witnessed a lot of history, but the continuous growth in the Reddcoin Project demands a better haven. Reddit has several major drawbacks that have frustrated everyone:

  1. lack of a sensible reputation system that installs right incentives for constructive discussion and penalises trolling, attacks and aggressive remarks.
  2. the perverse design that allows anyone (inside or outside the community) to downvote and troll at essentially zero cost.
  3. lack of abilities to sticky multiple topics
  4. lack of abilities to embed many 3rd-party content in posts
  5. lack of many tools that facilitate social interactions. has been designed to provide many new features, including

  1. a sound and effective reputation system to implement new moderation policies based on a set of simple rules
  2. gradually Reddcoin will be deeply integrated into every aspect of the forums, e.g. automatic tipping through upvotes.
  3. allows embedding of many 3rd-party content including: Reddit, Soundcloud, Spotify, TED, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, XKCD, Youtube, audio files, image files, charts and polls.
  4. allows users to follow each other and get notified.
  5. instant messaging
  6. powerful search functionality
  7. powerful notification mechanism
  8. gives everyone a clean slate to build exclusive reputation among Reddheads

See you all there.

Dear fellow Reddheads:

While more code is written on a daily basis to bring pieces of Social X to fruition, it’s important that everyone, especially the community, can add value to the project by raising public awareness of Reddcoin. Not everyone can write programs, but everyone can have a voice.

There has been a lot of interest in an official Reddcoin mascot. Personally I’m convinced of such a need when I noticed how Gopher, the mascot of Golang helps people relate to a highly abstract construct such as a programming language. Crypto-currencies are esoteric geeky constructs that are not only difficult for newcomers to understand but also difficult for existing users to describe.

Few people have opinions on the theory of quantum gravity but almost everyone has an opinion on a name or a mascot. Therefore it’s very hard to reach consensus (or even a majority) on a mascot without laying down at least a few criteria:

  1. The mascot must convey the message of “being social”.
  2. The mascot must fit well the official Reddcoin logo.
  3. The mascot must be lovable and cute for the general public.

The dev team has already engaged in a heated internal debate and in the end we have a winner whose name has 6 letters. What are your favourite?



Hey Everyone – I know many of you are very anxious for the browser wallet. It’s not ready for mainstream use just yet – but we did manage to get a quick demo video together to show everyone where we’re at with it. Check it out.

As I think most people are aware – this will go on to become the decentralized, peer to peer tip platform. Until then, we’ll focus on making it a quick and simple wallet that will make it easy for anyone to use Reddcoin.

Here are some of it’s interesting features:

  • Bip 32, 39, and 44 compliant hierarchical deterministic wallet
  • Multi account support – you can store your Reddcoin in a password protected or unspendable account.
  • An optional “Tip Jar” – an address that gets stored unencrypted enabling one click payments without a password. If you don’t want this you can turn it off, but if you want to make small quick tips with no password you’ll be able to. The wallet will help you make sure you don’t store too many coins unencrypted.
  • BIP 21 style html links. View examples here.
  • An html meta tag to allow any website in the world to accept peer to peer tips. Site owners, check out this example to see how you can prepare your sites. To everyone else – this is basically some simple code the wallet uses to find the donation address of a given site. I’ll make a wordpress plugin a bit later so that non technical bloggers can start accepting tips. As far as I know, this meta tag concept is unique to reddcoin.