Official Reddcoin Blog

Hey Reddheads – Hope you’re having a great holiday. Its been our goal to get the browser wallet out for you all before christmas. To that end, its been a busy several days on my end. Unfortunately, things aren’t completely seamless yet. The compiled version is giving some errors I wasn’t getting on my development version.

Nonetheless, I think you guys are anxious to try it out, so please read the very important info below, then give it a spin.


  • Back up your seed. Your seed is your money so don’t lose that. As long as you have your seed, your coins can be recovered.
  • Don’t store a significant sum of money on the browser wallet right now. This is a public BETA, not a final release. Issues are expected. Be safe with your money.
  • If you have some troubles with a transaction showing up, you can go to the settings, delete your wallet, and then re-import it with your seed.
  • Please do report all issues – I’ll be working through the break to get a more polished version ready.

With that said, Merry Christmas.