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Dear Fellow Reddheads:

It has been a little while in the making, but I would like to take this opportunity to announce to you that the Reddcointalk tip platform is now LIVE! The forum has been updated, and it now includes the Reddcoin Tip Plugin that i have been working on for nodebb. This version is the first cut, so i look forward to your feedback. I would also like to thank those who volunteered and took the time to help troubleshoot and validate progress during development.

Ok. so lets get started!!

First up, unlike a lot of other tipbots, this is a decentralised tip platform There is no wallet or program in the background receiving or storing your Reddcoin It relies on you having your own wallet address stored safely somewhere. This could be the Chrome extension, or the QT wallet (and others like Firefox and Safari apps will follow). And as other wallets types do become available they will be introduced and tested

You will need

Firstly, a valid Reddcoin wallet address, without this tipping is not going to work for you. You will need this to enter into the next step. You can use an existing, or generate a new

Store your Reddcoin address

The address is stored as apart of your forum user settings. What, your not a user yet?? Better register first then… Once registered, you need to find your user profile settings

  • Look over at the top-right corner of the forum and click on your profile picture
  • Click on your user name
  • Click on settings
  • At the bottom of the page there is now a field for your Reddcoin address
  • Fill it in, make sure it is correct and click save (you can also update/change this to a new address later if you want).

Congratulations… you have now finished registering for the tip platform :)

How to use??

Well, now that you have registered as a user, your user name will show up on every post or comment with a prominent icon and user-name. If you want to tip someone, just click on their Reddcoin icon at the bottom of their post or comment. This will launch your wallet, and you can enter your desired amount.

Any problems, or you need assistance you can message me @gnasher Also, any feedback and suggestions are welcome

One final note, if the name is not clickable, then that user has not entered their Reddcoin address.


  • Pamper Me Network

    This is interesting….a blockchain version of Peeks. Interesting indeed.