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Available on all major operating systems, the desktop ReddWallet is the best way to send, receive, store and earn ReddCoin (RDD).
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Help Support the ReddNetwork

The ReddWallet desktop application also plays a major role in creating a secure decentralized blockchain that no single entity can control, shut down or compromise.
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Verify & Process Transactions
By running the ReddWallet desktop app on your computer, it helps verify and process transactions in the background.
Increase Decentralization
Operating a ReddWallet makes your computer a node on the network which further decentralizes it so there is no single point of attack.

Earn Free ReddCoin

By depositing or “staking” ReddCoin (RDD) into your ReddWallet and leaving the application running to help support the network, the blockchain will reward you with up to 25% annual returns on your holdings.

Fast & Secure Transactions

No need to worry about waiting hours to send or receive funds. All ReddCoin transactions are broadcasted immediately with up to 60 second confirmation times. That’s 10x faster than Bitcoin and even faster than 88mph!

Key Highlights

Below is a brief summary of cool wallet features and benefits that makes managing your ReddCoin (RDD) easy and seamless.
Earn Staking Rewards
Support the network by leaving your ReddWallet open on your computer to earn up to 25% annual returns on your ReddCoin holdings.
60s Transaction Times
Enjoy fast and secure transactions as all transactions are broadcasted immediately with up to 60 second confirmation times.
Sign & Verify Addresses
ReddWallet allows you to easily and cryptographically sign and verify that you own a specific ReddCoin wallet address.
Low Transaction Fees
Experience $0 transaction fees using ReddCoin unless you want to pay an optional low-fee for priority sending functionality.
Multiple Receiving Addresses
Easily track, manage, and request incoming ReddCoin (RDD) transactions by designating different addresses for each purpose.
Advanced Coin Control
Enjoy a pro feature within the ReddWallet that allows you to control which specific RDD you want to send to a user.
Generate QR Code Addresses
When creating a request to receive ReddCoin from another someone, the ReddWallet can generate a QR code linked to your address.
Secure & Battle Tested
The ReddWallet and network has been operating successfully without incident or security breach since it was created back in 2014.
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