July 2014

Just a heads up, I blasted an alert out to all clients that they need to upgrade ASAP. This might result in messages popping up on mining pools or them even to stop working (which is their own programming, not our daemon).

If you see anything wrong with a pool inform the pool owner that they can safely ignore this error since they should stay at anyway.

Older versions can not see this message because we only included the correct public keys in There are still a good number of old clients connected (25% according to bitinfocharts) which we can’t send a message so please do inform anyone you know off that might still be running an old version.

The alert will keep on being blasted until 7th August.

Dear fellow Reddheads:

Mandatory upgrade to wallet

First thing first. If you are a mining pool, you should stay at and for everyone else, you must upgrade to now. For instructions, details and FAQs, read this post.

About developers and expectation

With PoSV about to start in about 48 hours, the Reddcoin project is just getting started. Here I’d like to manage your expectation. The project depends on the continuous efforts of several developers who all work on a voluntary basis in their spare time. Our dev team is for sure one of the most talented, dedicated and hard working teams in the cryptocurrency world right now and everyone is driven by self-motivation and self-discipline. The very nature and structure of the project at this moment means it’s difficult to tell you exactly when each product will be released, which is why I provide fairly frequent update to keep you all in the loop. But no product or service grows on trees, so please bear with us as we try to deliver the very best we can and please understand that there is always the possibility of some unexpected delay.

Official infographic of roadmap

Upcoming in August and September

In no particular order:

  • Official video (August). You have seen a few screenshots. You have seen nothing yet.
  • Official infographics (August). It’s time to have a bird’s view of the major pieces of the giant jigsaw puzzle and the official roadmap.
  • Social Wallet (August). Some of you have beta-tested and provided invaluable feedback. You’ll like the final release.
  • Multi-signature Wallet functionality (August). It’s already delivered in but we need better UI to unleash its power.
  • Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet functionality (August). HDW is extremely technical and powerful. To my best knowledge, Reddcoin will be the first altcoin to provide this. Trust me, this is a game changer.
  • Android light wallet. (September)
  • iOS iPhone / iPad light wallet(September)
  • Progress update on next-gen social tipping platform (August/September). You have voted. We have listened. You’ll find out more as it continues to take shape.

And one more thing

  • Social X: I have been working on a super secret new service (feature) that’s integrated with PoSV. It’s so new, so exciting, so much fun and so hard to describe in a few sentences that I’ll publish the second whitepaper in early September. You know I don’t write whitepapers casually and I can’t wait to let you all know about it.

That’s it for now. Upgrade the wallet. Get ready for staking. Fasten the seat belt. We are just getting started!



All exchanges have confirmed upgrade to

Dear fellow Reddheads:

With PoSV kicking in just around the corner, first make sure you have upgraded to wallet

On 31st July I’m going to make an announcement about the several products and services that are expected to be delivered in August and September.

The whole dev team all very much look forward to building on the foundation PoSV has laid down for us and I’ll be very thrilled to share them with you.