Fight for the Future
Fight for the Future is dedicated to protecting and expanding the Internet’s transformative power in our lives by creating civic campaigns that engage millions of people.
Blockchain Financial
Cryptocurrency based services for personal and enterprise businesses.
DIF – Decentralized Identity Foundation
East-West Magnate Cryptocurrency Experts – Home
EWMCI introduces three flagship cryptocurrency tracking indices: Large, Mid, Micro & Small Cap. Designed to minimize portfolio volatility and optimize value.
Zinari: Crypto Payments API for Businesses
Zinari enables you to receive crypto payments on your website or in store. You can use our API or our Woocommerce plugins
VEFramework – VEFramework main page
The best solution for Multi – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin | Ethereum payment gateway.
ForgingBlock is the most popular Bitcoin and ethereum online payment gateway, which allows you to safely store, quickly and simply receive, send and exchange payment.
Kaizen Finance – Create and Manage Your Crypto Token
Kaizen.Finance is the first automated cross-chain token launch platform for everything from token creation and distribution to listing security and management