March 2015

Good Afternoon / Evening everyone,

A few weeks back I promised that if there was ever a two-week gap in announcements, I would make a quick update on progress by the team. Since the last major announcement was 13 days ago, I thought I would take a few seconds to post some progress.

First up, obviously, sometime recently the tip button was integrated into the ReddcoinTalk forums. I still see a few regular users without an address on their button. Go add one! Why not, really?

The browser wallet is heavily in development, with major bug fixes and user improvements already complete and more in the pipeline. @tralf and @reddibrek have really been going strong on this, and @raid5,@lionzeye, @Reddcoin and @Gnasher have been quite helpful as well in testing and debugging. I think we are on private beta #3 or 4 since the last public release.

Lastly, @laudney is still focused on finalizing the implementation of hierarchical deterministic key generation into the primary Qt wallet. This means that instead of having to store backups of your wallet.dat file, you will simply need to write down your 12 to 24 word “seed” and you will never lose your wallet to a hard drive failure. It also means that you could share a wallet on mobile, browser, and a staking wallet if you wanted to.

I’ve been pretty sick, and also quite busy, but this next week or two should see some action on upgrading Reddcore and the Insight API.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a friendly reminder in the form of a Dilbert cartoon that @Reddcoin shared with me. Please remember that if you don’t control your private keys, you don’t control your coins!
Dilbert 2 April 2014

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more specific announcements on individual projects!

– BRM / Mike

Dear Fellow Reddheads:

It has been a little while in the making, but I would like to take this opportunity to announce to you that the Reddcointalk tip platform is now LIVE! The forum has been updated, and it now includes the Reddcoin Tip Plugin that i have been working on for nodebb. This version is the first cut, so i look forward to your feedback. I would also like to thank those who volunteered and took the time to help troubleshoot and validate progress during development.

Ok. so lets get started!!

First up, unlike a lot of other tipbots, this is a decentralised tip platform There is no wallet or program in the background receiving or storing your Reddcoin It relies on you having your own wallet address stored safely somewhere. This could be the Chrome extension, or the QT wallet (and others like Firefox and Safari apps will follow). And as other wallets types do become available they will be introduced and tested

You will need

Firstly, a valid Reddcoin wallet address, without this tipping is not going to work for you. You will need this to enter into the next step. You can use an existing, or generate a new

Store your Reddcoin address

The address is stored as apart of your forum user settings. What, your not a user yet?? Better register first then… Once registered, you need to find your user profile settings

  • Look over at the top-right corner of the forum and click on your profile picture
  • Click on your user name
  • Click on settings
  • At the bottom of the page there is now a field for your Reddcoin address
  • Fill it in, make sure it is correct and click save (you can also update/change this to a new address later if you want).

Congratulations… you have now finished registering for the tip platform :)

How to use??

Well, now that you have registered as a user, your user name will show up on every post or comment with a prominent icon and user-name. If you want to tip someone, just click on their Reddcoin icon at the bottom of their post or comment. This will launch your wallet, and you can enter your desired amount.

Any problems, or you need assistance you can message me @gnasher Also, any feedback and suggestions are welcome

One final note, if the name is not clickable, then that user has not entered their Reddcoin address.


Dear fellow Reddheads:

Hereby I provide details of the items on the to-do list of the Reddcoin project. I list the items, which you can think of as mini-milestones, in ascending order of expected delivery time. For each item, I provide a description, an estimated difficulty rating (for the purpose of a benchmark, I rate the difficulty of implementing PoSV as 10) and the people responsible if any.

As you will see, there is huge amount of work in the pipeline. All the developers are more productive if they are happier. Support and understanding from the community will make developers happier and more willing to commit their spare time. Do not harass any member of the dev team with accusation, insult or any other aggressive behaviour.

  • Social X
  1. browser wallet, difficulty = 8, responsible person = @tralf, implements a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet that supports BIP32/39/44, SPV block and transaction validation and communication protocol with Electrum server. The Chrome version will be finished first, followed by Firefox and then Safari.
  2. Qt HD wallet, difficulty = 6, responsible person = @laudney, converts the existing Qt wallet into a HD wallet that supports BIP32/39/44. It removes the need for key pool and requires significant change to Qt GUI that can be quite time-consuming. As a bonus, the implementation will be based on Bitcoin 0.9.x branch.
  3. Redd-ID, difficulty = 10, responsible person = @laudney, implements ID registration inside Reddcoin blockchain that supports association between social network identities and Reddcoin addresses to lay the foundation for universal micropayment across all social networks. This will be implemented in the full-node Qt wallet first.
  4. PoSV 2.0, difficulty = 7, responsible person = @laudney, implements a much needed enhanced version of PoSV inside Reddcoin blockchain that rewards active stakers with interests of the total money supply. For example, if only 50% of the Reddcoin are staked, those Reddcoins will generate 2x interests, i.e. 10-12%. This will be implemented in the full-node Qt wallet first.
  5. support for Redd-ID in the Electrum protocol, difficulty = 9, responsible people = @laudney and @tralf, allows Electrum clients (e.g. the browser wallet) to receive Redd-ID information from the server and save it in a local data store for lookup operations.
  6. universal micropayment platform, difficulty = 10, responsible person = @tralf, implements a browser extension that allows micropayment to any user on any social network by bringing together all the functionalities of the rest of the Reddcoin infrastructure.
  • bonus features
  1. Android wallet, difficulty = 9, responsible person = @lionzeye, implements an Electrum HD wallet that supports BIP32/39/44 for Android devices. This is the topic of @lionzeye’s graduation thesis.
  2. iOS wallet, difficulty=9, responsible people = @raid5 and others, implements an Electrum HD wallet that supports BIP32/39/44 for iOS devices. @raid5 has already written the GUI. We are looking for experienced iOS developers to take on the implementation of BIP32/39/44 and Electrum protocol.
  3. support for Redd-ID registration on Electrum wallets (in addition to full-node Qt wallet) and allowing Electrum servers to earn registration fees, difficulty = 10, responsible person = @laudney.
  • side projects
  1. reddcore, difficulty = 7, responsible people = @bigreddmachine and @laudney, a comprehensive Javascript library for Reddcoin
  2. reddsight-api, difficulty = 5, responsible people = @bigreddmachine and @laudney, a hosted blockchain API for Reddcoin, can be used to monitor blockchain and broadcast newly created transactions.
  3. reddsight, difficulty = 5, responsible people = @bigreddmachine and @laudney, a hosted blockchain explorer that usesreddcore and reddsight-api.
  4. nodebb-plugin-reddcoin, difficulty = 5, responsible person = @Gnasher, a plugin for that adds tip buttons to users, posts and comment.
  5. Python library for Reddcoin, difficulty = 6, looking for maintainer.
  6. PHP library for Reddcoin, difficulty = 6, looking for maintainer.


Today lead dev Laudney proposed doing an interview for the next Reddheads newsletter. Those of you who have followed the newsletter since the beginning will remember that for issue no.1 (launched 8 October 2014) I ran some questions by Laudney regarding the then-newly-launched Reddsight blockchain explorer and APIs, and Social X .

For this upcoming newsletter we are opening up the direction of the interview to the community!

Considering the diverse chat going on in the forum, it is going to be necessary to select the ten questions most popular with the community, which Laudney will respond to and answer in the interview. The Reddcoin team will also choose a few extra questions from the pack for Laudney to answer.

Please come up with a few questions that you think are important. Consider them carefully and try to filter them to the single most important question and then post that comment as a comment here. It can then be voted on by the community.

To keep track of things correctly there should only be one question per comment – otherwise it will not be possible to count votes per question properly. Try to limit yourself to the single most important question. If you have to post two or three questions because you really can’t make your mind up, then they have to be as separate comments!

So that everyone has a chance to read this post, to ask their question and to vote, I am postponing this week’s newsletter and we are going to leave this thread open for a week. The special edition newsletter including the full interview will be published on Wednesday 11 March.