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Official Release – Reddcoin Core v2.0.0 Wallet

Dear Reddheads:

I am pleased to announce that the new v2.0.0 wallet is now officially released.

You can download pre-compiled binaries directly from our ( account. Or if you prefer, you can compile directly from source.

  • Linux 32 & 64 bit
  • Windows 32 & 64 bit
  • OSx 64 bit
  • Updated bootstrap.dat (if needed)

Reddcoin 2.0.0 is a complete rebuild based off Bitcoin 0.9. This means in terms of the code-base we have introduced all the Bitcoin changes up to and including v0.9.5 into this version of Reddcoin Core.

Taking this path will allow faster adoption of critical fixes and features.

Within this release we have also included some features from the 0.10 bitcoin build, including a connected peers tab and visual bandwidth monitoring

We suggest to read the release notes of Bitcoin up to and including 0.9.5 to get a full understanding of the changes.

On top of the new features, Reddcoin Core v2.0.0 update contains very important security fixes and all users MUST upgrade to this version as soon as possible. Details on several vulnerabilities were made public by the Bitcoin team(Official Bitcoin warning) regarding the issues. It is particularly important that users who are staking do upgrade.

This release introduces BIP66, and version 4 blocks. Once BIP 66 is enforced, version 3 blocks will be rejected from the network entirely as they contain less secure transactions.

This means, if you are staking, you need to upgrade so that you don’t risk miss out on your staking rewards

Details of other notable changes are posted on Github Releases

To Upgrade

First, make a copy (backup) of your existing wallet.dat and Reddcoin data folder

Where to find your Reddcoin data folder?

  1. Windows: C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin
  2. Mac: /Users/USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin
  3. Linux:~/.reddcoin

Install Reddcoin Core software

  1. Uninstall your old wallet
  2. Install your new wallet

If you follow this procedure, we should be able to help you further if the need arises.

The new wallet is compatible with the old blockchain files. There is no need to re-sync from the start.


Gnasher (John)


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Dear fellow Reddheads:

We are happy to announce that Reddcoin social wallet is now open source under GNU Licence v2. It’s a cross-platform desktop application written in Javascript, based on nodewebkit and AngularJS frameworks. Although it has some compatibility issues under Mac OS X and some other outstanding issues, it’s an excellent attempt at improving the Qt wallet with a better GUI and social functionalities.

We welcome Reddheads to help improve it and add more desirable features. Happy hacking!


Dear fellow Reddheads:

I’ve committed the fix that makes staking stuck when certain blocks with abnormal timestamps are accepted and made a new release v.

This is not a fork of any kind, just a routine fix. I urge everyone to upgrade ASAP, especially stakers.

I’m only able to release the binary for Mac OS X at the moment. If you are using Linux, you should be able to compile the binaries yourself. I’ll release the binary for Windows tomorrow night.

I’ll explain the bug later tonight. Many thanks to everyone for the patience and help (especially to @Gnasher) during the last few days.


Sorry guys. I’m on a business trip so only saw this last night. I’d like to clarify some technical details.

First, it’s incorrect to say the Reddcoin network is down. The network works as it should: nodes relay block and transaction information to each other and most importantly all the nodes on the network agree on one single longest chain, which is the cornerstone of our decentralised network. There is no magic switch to turn our decentralised network off or on. Being a truly decentralised crypto-currency is what Reddcoin Project is all about.

Second, minting a block is an action carried out by each staking node (staker) independently. All the information required to create a coinstake transaction and its corresponding PoSV block is available locally after being relayed on the network. When hundreds or thousands of stakers compete to mint the next block, there is no coordination required among them. Not only no coordination, it’s actually a fierce competition in nature.

So what could be causes? I can think of three potential reasons:

  • A software bug that exists in all Qt wallets that prevent all clients from successfully finding a PoSV block. I’ve looked through debug.log file and seen nothing suspicious.
  • Some major stakers went temporarily offline. If this is the case, block difficulty will drop gradually and it is indeed.
  • Pure bad luck. Block interval follows geometric distribution. PoSV has been working with zero problem for 5 months now, producing over 200K blocks since inception. It’s statistically quite possible that we see a fat tail by now, even one that looks very unusual.
  • A combination of some of the above.

I’m keeping an eye on this and will investigate more when I’m back next week. But one thing is indisputable: we always need more stakers! I’m finalising the technical details of PoSV 2.0 which will distribute the interests given up by inactive wallets to active stakers. I’ll write up a design document and start a discussion in the next couple of weeks. It’ll be part of our Social X release.

Hey Reddheads – Hope you’re having a great holiday. Its been our goal to get the browser wallet out for you all before christmas. To that end, its been a busy several days on my end. Unfortunately, things aren’t completely seamless yet. The compiled version is giving some errors I wasn’t getting on my development version.

Nonetheless, I think you guys are anxious to try it out, so please read the very important info below, then give it a spin.


  • Back up your seed. Your seed is your money so don’t lose that. As long as you have your seed, your coins can be recovered.
  • Don’t store a significant sum of money on the browser wallet right now. This is a public BETA, not a final release. Issues are expected. Be safe with your money.
  • If you have some troubles with a transaction showing up, you can go to the settings, delete your wallet, and then re-import it with your seed.
  • Please do report all issues – I’ll be working through the break to get a more polished version ready.

With that said, Merry Christmas.