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We Believe Transparency is Paramount

In the unknown world of crypto, we want to provide the transparency you should expect. We want our community to have confidence in our products and that ``warm and fuzzy feeling`` of excitement each and every time you use them.

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Some Inspiring Words from
Reddcoin's Own TechAdept

Redd ID Tipping Ext.

Since 2014, Reddcoin has envisioned creating the first blockchain platform to use personalized IDs for social media tipping.

Our dedicated team of volunteer developers and community has made this vision a reality.


Features Include:

  • Register your own unique “ReddID” name
  • Connect “ReddID” to your Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Continuous development, open source, and plugins for web devs.
  • Send tips to “ReddID” users with a single button click.
  • Invite your friends to join the “ReddID” revolution.
  • ReddID Tipping System – Google Play Store as an Extension.
  • Hold your RDD in a light browser wallet, zero blockchain sync.
  • Search other ReddID users by name, follow tipping activity, and more

Reddcoin Core Wallet

* Image to Left is a Mockup of a Future Core Build.

The Reddcoin Core Wallet allows you to store, send and stake your balance. ( 5% annually based on coin age ) Grow your stash on regular basis.

Features Include:

  • Secure storage and staking ability for your reddcoin
  • Comes in 4 different OS “flavors” to suit your system
  • 3x Sync faster than average QT Wallets.
  • One Click setup, and simple to understand controls

In the Works

  • Modern skin and User Interface
  • News and Update Feeds pulled from REDD ID ext.& Website
  • Chat Functionality and more.

Reddcoin POS

Why use this instead of a mobile wallet?

It only generates the payment requests to a wallet that the merchant controls on a different machine. This means that there is no control of the coins from the POS software. This situation works especially well when you have employees that may access this machine as well. Plus, keeping your private keys offline is always a bonus!


Accept payments

Start accepting payments via any popular crypto-currencies for your business using PlusBit. Moreover, you can get payments via stable coin like with stable price without any volatility, soon.

Direct P2P Crypto Transfer

We process payments but we do not hold any funds. There is no third-party between a merchant and a customer. This allows merchants to have complete control of funds received. Get paid in seconds.

Get Paid in Seconds

If you have a Business activity, Android device and an internet connection, you are ready to get payments. Upon payment, the transaction is validated on the blockchain within seconds. Money is sent directly to your wallet.


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