ReddCoin is a digital currency focused on social media tipping and payment system. It offers a Core Wallet for easy tipping, fast payments, and passive income for people supporting the network. The ReddCoin Coreteam works on development, while the community plays a vital role in promoting adoption. It’s also encouraged to build into the ReddCoin sphere to create usecases, and integrate RDD into your projects.


ReddCoin aims at developing a multitude of products to create a seamless tipping and payment experience online, but also in the physical world. By using decentralised tipbots, payment gateways, 1st and 3rd party wallets, and social media integration. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for anyone in the world to send microtips to influencers, artists, writers, or anyone else in the world.

The ReddCoin Core Team encourages developers to integrate ReddCoin into their apps, games, and software. By doing so, ReddCoin can be used for fast, low fee transactions.

Tipping Bots