Frequently Asked Questions

ReddCoin (RDD) is a cryptocurrency created for tipping on social media platforms. It allows users to easily tip content creators or other users for their contributions.
Algorithm: Proof-of-Stake-Velocity Version 2 (PoSV V2)
Total Supply: ~27 billion RDD at the end of PoW
Current supply: 32,487,428,364 as of 28-03-2024
Interest rate: maximum 5% inflation yearly
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Currency Code: RDD
Currency Symbol: Ɍ
ReddCoin (RDD) operates on its own blockchain, distinct from Ethereum or any smart contract platform. As such, it doesn’t have a contract address. Transactions occur directly on the ReddCoin blockchain using wallet addresses specific to the network.

There are multiple options to store your ReddCoins, but not all of them support staking. All wallets have been tested, but 3rd party wallets can be subject to change. For all links go to our linktree

Team built wallets:
– Corewallet(staking)
– Telegram ReddBot(staking)
– ReddMobile(non-staking) *beta version, only use for small amounts and testing

3rd party wallets:
– Coinomi
– Guarda
– Komodo wallet
– DogeCash App
– Paperwalletgenerator
– Paperwallettop

You are not forced to backup your CoreWallet by the team, but we strongly advise you to do so. As of wallet 4.22.8, seedphrases can be used.

Write down the seedphrase, or for olderversions, create a backup .dat file and store it safely on one or more external drives. You can also pull the private key from the console. For more info on backing up your wallet:

Wallet backup

While it is not necessary to create a back-up every time, we do suggest pulling a new back-up every once in a while. Especially after larger transactions and newly created addresses, it is better to create a new back-up.

If you lose your wallet with a back-up stored somewhere safely, you can restore the wallet on a new machine. If you lose the wallet without any back-ups, your coins will be lost.

ReddCoin runs on PoSV V2, which is a staking consensus. You can stake your ReddCoin’s in the Corewallet, or Telegram ReddBot. Some 3rd party wallets also support staking.

The ReddCoin staking mechanism is capped at 5% maximum inflation yearly. A multiplier is in place which changes over time according to usage and amount of coins being staked.

Basically the APY will be anywhere between 5% and 25%.

A multitude of exchanges has ReddCoin listed as an asset. Check our linktree for all current exchanges.


No, ReddCoin has no maximum supply in place, but because of the maximum inflation cap the supply can’t grow rampantly out of control.

Basically there is no minimum to start staking. However, lower amounts of coins build coinage very slowly, which can take a long time to generate a stake. In this case we suggest using the Telegram ReddBot, which combines coin amounts for maximum returns, allowing you to receive a stake daily.

You can contact at us at out Contact Page

The ReddCoin team is an all volunteer team and is always looking for help in multiple ways. If you want to help the team in any way, please contact us through the Contact Page, or join Telegram

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