ReddCoin Core 3.10.4 & Redd’s blog goes live again!

Downloadable from our trusted site, the newest incremental version of the ReddCoin (RDD) Core wallet is available for use now. If you’re staking, the newest release version is always the best to be using, and with this release, we are at v3.10.4. Instaling ReddCoin Core wallet on top of existing installs is always safe […]

Official Release v3.0 POSv2

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   Official Release v3.0.0rc1 Reddcoin Core 3.0.0 Version 3.0.0 is the official release version of Reddcoin Core.This release features PoSV v2.It is particularly important that all users upgrade, as once PoSV v2 is enforced,¬†version 4 blocks will be rejected from the network entirely. Therefore v3.0.0 is a strongly recommended update for all users. Features […]