March 2014

Dear fellow Reddheads:

Thanks to all the feedback from the community, BTCillionaire and the dev team have made final changes and our brand new official website is NOW LIVE!!

Please spread the words and love!



Fellow Reddheads

I normally don’t make announcement like this but after very much research on my side I’ve concluded that the people running the exchange are extremely incompetent and according to this insider’s latest shocking revelation the exchange is insolvent for some time.

Then yesterday we witnessed the Blackcoin fiasco.

I hope I’m wrong but you have been warned.




It seems they’ve taken down the whole website.

Fellow Reddheads:

I’ve added a new command +summary to Reddcoin tipbots (Twitter and to show the total number of Reddcoin you have tipped and received.




P.S. This new command doesn’t work for Reddit tipbot because it runs on a different sever. In the near future we will migrate its database so all tipbots work exactly the same.

Fellow Reddheads:

Below I provide information on Reddcoin tipbots: what’s the current status of development for each social network; is it feasible; if not, why. I’ll keep updating this post in due course.

Please leave comment if I missed any one.



  • Reddit: fully functional
  • Twitter: fully functional
  • fully functional

The tipbot already listens in several channels. Check out Team Reddcoin.

  • fully functional

The tipbot is not running because no streamer is signed up yet.

  • IRC: fully functional

Twitch tipbot is based on IRC protocol. So we get IRC tipbots for all IRC channels for free.

  • Steam: To-do

Need to investigate unofficial implementation of APIs. Extra complexity.

  • Google+: To-do

Not the most friendly API to implement a tipbot due to lack of direct support for notification of mention, which might be mitigated by search.

  • Youtube: infeasible

Lack of API support for user comment and notification. Google does plan to further integrate Youtube with Google+ so one day it might become feasible through Google+ APIs.

  • Facebook: infeasible

Due to strict legal terms and conditions.

  • Tumblr: infeasible

Extremely limited APIs.

  • StackOverFlow: difficult

APIs are rich enough to support user comment and notification but notification is restricted to users having already participated in answering a question, which means to receive notification the tipbot must post a comment under every single new question. Also StackOverFlow mods are not friendly to bots.

  • Whatsapp: infeasible

No official API. Illegal to use any unofficial reverse-engineered APIs.

  • Sina Weibo: To-do

The most popular Chinese version of Twitter. APIs are also very similar to Twitter’s. Need real-identity verification during registration, especially difficult for foreigners. Low API rate limit. Need to double-check support for Chinese characters (current code base already uses UTF-8).

  • WeChat: To investigate

The most popular Chinese version of Whatsapp.

  • Disqus: difficult

Limited support for notification of mention: only users having already made comment on the same post can be mentioned and notified. Disqus does plan to support mention of arbitrary user. No timeline available.

  • VK: difficult

No support for notification of mention in comment. The list of APIs can be found here

Dear Fellow Reddheads:

For the last 6 days we have been welcoming >400 new Reddheads per day. If the rate stays at this level, we are on track to hit 10k Reddheads by the end of month, which will be truly incredible!

I know some of you are feeling a bit down due to the big sell-off across the entire crypto-currency world. And it’s natural and understandable. Without emotional ups and downs, life would be way too boring :)

So keep up the good work and join the Twitter tipping campaign.