Fellow Reddheads,

Hereby we have a proposal to all of you, especially miners and pool owners, to build a multipool that mines the most profitable Altcoins and pays in Reddcoins, instead of BTC.

Why? I personally would love to point my GPU to this pool 🙂 This way the multipool becomes a price supporter rather than price suppressor for Reddcoin.

I’ve investigated the feasibility and I believe technically it’s totally achievable now that Reddcoin is listed on Cryptsy.

If you are a multipool owner, you have two choices to trade Altcoins for Reddcoins:

Either way, you’ll need to integrate Cryptsy APIs to withdraw your balances.

So everyone please put forward your thoughts below and contact us through emails if you want to discuss.



[email protected] [email protected]

OK, Fellow Reddheads: please make comment below if you agree and up vote so we can show pool owners the huge amount of interest there is.

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