ReddCoin & Project Redd

ReddCoin and Project Redd are interconnected entities, with ReddCoin being the cryptocurrency and Project Redd being the social movement associated with it. Here are the aspects, similarities, and differences between the two: Purpose and Mission: ReddCoin: ReddCoin aims to turn social media likes and hearts into real spendable money, providing value to contributions on the […]

ReddCoin (RDD): Embodying the Spirit of First-Generation Layer1 Blockchains in the Crypto Revolution

In the vast cosmos of cryptocurrency, numerous stars shine, each with its unique spectrum of light. One such luminary is ReddCoin (RDD), a pioneering first-generation Layer1 blockchain, specifically crafted to revolutionize social media transactions. Beyond the realm of social media, RDD’s innovative technological aspects and principles provide compelling reasons to advocate for its cause and […]

Unlocking an original #Altcoin: #ReddCoin (#RDD) and the “Mathematics” of Blockchain

In the rapidly evolving landscape of #blockchain, #cryptocurrency, and #technology, innovative projects continue to reshape industries and redefine possibilities. ReddCoin (#RDD) stands out among these projects, aiming to integrate social media platforms and online communities with the power of blockchain technology. By leveraging key elements of Bitcoin and incorporating the mathematics of crypto, ReddCoin seeks […]

ReddCoin Core Wallet v3.10.6 – April 2023 Release

ReddCoin Core 3.10.6 LatestEdit: ReddCoin Core 3.10.6Delete: ReddCoin Core 3.10.6 Reddcoin Core Wallet version 3.10.6 is now available from: Directly from This release contains improvements to advanced feature activation, binary signature, and other fixes and improvements. Details available in release notes below or at github repo. For the full release notes please see the […]

Why Use Cryptocurrency at all? And Why ReddCoin (RDD)?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to use cryptocurrency instead of traditional fiat currency, such as the US dollar: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means they are not controlled by any government or financial institution. This gives users more control over their own money and allows for greater financial freedom. Privacy: Some cryptocurrencies […]

A Video Overview Tour of ReddCoin (RDD)

A comprehensive view of the #cryptocurrency aspect of #ReddCoin (#RDD), the original social currency. Reap the rewards of your own content and value with a fun, fast, free (usually) crypto, the way it ought to be!

What Is ReddCoin? – Your Ultimate Guide (

What Is #ReddCoin (#RDD)? | Your Ultimate Guide @reddcoin #social #tipping #crypto #love #lovebutton #FastFreeFun #altcoins #OGcrypto What Is ReddCoin (RDD)? | Your Ultimate Guide Are you wondering what is ReddCoin, what is ReddCoin used for and what are ReddNetwork‘s functions? Read on… logoWilliam Farrington

Reddcoin 4.22.0 entering into open beta testing…

ReddCoin Core is pleased to announce that Reddcoin finally has been able to move forward sufficiently with Core wallet development to be able to offer to users preliminary beta testing. For access to testnetRDD and instructions, bug reports, and working with the Redd team, please join our Discord at: Discord – A New Way to […]