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Reddcoin Core Wallet version 3.10.6 is now available from:

Directly from

This release contains improvements to advanced feature activation, binary signature, and other fixes and improvements. Details available in release notes below or at github repo. For the full release notes please see the git repository:

Preferably use the above download links, not the links provided by GitHub to download the source tarball, as the release tarballs are generated deterministically whereas GitHub’s are not.

Full Changelog: v3.10.5…v3.10.6

Commits on Apr 4, 2023
@reddink (

[build: fix building against qt5.4/5.5] c6972ba
[depends: split qt config options to separate lines] 221a98f
[depends: bump to qt 5.5] 68cb380
[depends: make more qt flags explicit] 789f16b
[fixup: qt 5.5 snuck in another module that needs path hand-holding] d2b7eb4
[depends: qt PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE patch] 2e9440a
Merge branch ‘qt5.5’ into build_trusty
devtools: add libraries for bitcoin-qt to symbol check
gitian: use trusty for building
gitian: make windows build deterministic
Merge branch ‘trusty’ into build_trusty

Commits on Apr 5, 2023
build: Enable C++11 build, require C++11 compiler
depends: use c++11
build: update ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx to serial 4

Commits on Apr 6, 2023
depends: Bump versions
depends: enable pre-compiled headers for qt
wallet: fix boost::get usage with boost 1.58 (Cory Fields)
auto_ptr → unique_ptr
gitian: Need ca-certificates and python for LXC builds

Commits on Apr 7, 2023
c++11: These look like user-defined literals. (Cory Fields)
build: disable reduced exports by default
build: remove libstdc++ backwards-compat
build: change reduce exports/static libstdc++ options for gitian and …
reddink committed 2 weeks ago

Commits on Apr 8, 2023
c++11: fix libbdb build against libc++ in c++11 mode

Commits on Apr 9, 2023
c++11: MOVEONLY: move function definitions out of the header
c++11: MOVEONLY: break circular dependency in wallet
c++11: don’t forward-declare types used in maps

Commits on Apr 10, 2023
Merge branch ‘build_trusty’ into 3.10

Commits on Apr 11, 2023
build: enable libs build on windows
update release notes
update version

Commits on Apr 13, 2023
gitian: Use the new reddcoin-detached-sigs git repo for OSX signature…
release: remove libc6 dependency from the osx signing descriptor

reddink committed last week

SHA256 Checksum reference for file integrity

(Downloadable binaries and source available at: )

6955ceed3118b0d9aa8b059fc69852e9b103e4e5cdd155b8f9cd05a0062ecdcb reddcoin-3.10.6-linux32.tar.gz
beb457a02a7f57da4452ac9229d964b62e456c7f4dbddfcee8317f807a29975f reddcoin-3.10.6-linux64.tar.gz
7c35ab6705b4cf6c287a3e7b49cf3340e3c96d93bff68205941d5ac81fb2e229 reddcoin-3.10.6-osx64.tar.gz
7f38927fab33ab894ef23c8debfdc056caab1920269b7c1c5f2a39c8bdbe1412 reddcoin-3.10.6-osx.dmg
879c388e078212886ec9a165c82c955017eb6d04da596e4bb11a71c1d950a266 reddcoin-3.10.6-osx-unsigned.dmg
725391c8abfddcb559192aaafea49b2e63b6ecb37b4854d9561a9dec21cb9397 reddcoin-3.10.6.tar.gz
2b7f0bbbb19bc5b3374753fb511ceafe67887ffd6e1c5775e63301a976dfdebe reddcoin-3.10.6-win32-setup-unsigned.exe
515644d3604116aa188fd7f2fb661ff0799f80dc7b7fc93dc0e58836d8c1d65a reddcoin-3.10.6-win64-setup-unsigned.exe

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