Hi everyone,

IPCO is closed. Wow, 168.8 BTC pledged from 386 investor, this is great. Reddcoin will definitively be an awesome project and I want to thanks everyone who decided to participate.

The coins amount you see in the table are not final yet. Tomorrow, I will look at the recent transactions to make sure everyone who got in before 11h59 is in. Sometime, blockchain take longer to forward the payment to us. No one contact me about this yet but we never know. Once everything is fine, I will let you know and will finalize the result.

Also tomorrow, I will send the first coins to every investors. You will receive 1.111% every day for 90 days. If you didn’t send your Reddcoin address yet, check your email for more information or contact us.

This is a great start for Reddcoin and I’m really proud of what we did to date. We will build great things together!

See you tomorrow for the final result,



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