People often ask how they can help the ReddCore Team, even though they don’t have any knowledge in development or IT related jobs. As the community is one of the most important parts in the cryptospace for every blockchain project, we try to get the people engaged in sharing and caring for our project.

To get the word out, the ReddCore Team has created these SeedCards which can be printed and placed on strategic places for people to find and use. For example, you can pin them at your local supermarket bulletin board, place them in a magazine, or leave some around your local bar(after asking if you may do this). Think of a way where you can place them and try to grow our community and project in an engaging way. It’s a simple yet effective way of advertising which only requires you to print a few leaflets and put them in place.

Every A4 page contains 6 SeedCards and can be printed on both sides of the page, to give the people as much information as possible on where to find information, join our social channels and explain what the SeedCard is for. The cards are currently available in English, Spanish and Dutch. More languages can be made, if you help us translate it!

We hope that all ReddHeads in the world try to help us in our effort, to make ReddCoin and Project Redd stand out against the masses, give people a chance to join in our beloved community.

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