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Dear fellow Reddheads:

After the successful launch of PoSV, which has been working beautifully so far, we entered another brief “release-lite-yet-work-heavy” period. Members of the dev team are working on different projects as described in our roadmap, e.g. Android wallet, iOS wallet, hierarchical deterministic wallet, Social X, next-gen tipping platform etc. These voluntary efforts will bear fruit in the near future.

It’s good time for a Q&A session. So post any question below, whether it’s related to staking or wallet or anything else.



  • rangga sunarto

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to report the transaction issue during my coin withdrawal from to

    The transaction was completely sent according to this explorer:

    Yet is not credited into my account in bittrex since it is not shown according to this explorer that bittrex staff said:

    I have tried to clear this issue with both of the sites but they do not give a solution, though.

    I hope you could help me to solve this.

    Thank you

  • Joy33260

    hi what is the total quantity of reddcoin? is the quantity infinite like ripple ?

  • Watson Watson

    hi i downloaded your wallet on pc and sent half my coins to see if it worked they sent and blockchain downloaded so i went to back up wallet then i got a error saying it had fault loading blockchain and to redownload it, its now taking forever and i dont know if that means my coins wer lost was near half a mil coins

  • Watson Watson

    does anyone reply here>? dont mean to sound rude :)

  • garlixdotcom

    been staking for weeks, all of a sudden it said i don’t have mature coins?

  • Виктор Клён

    Hello! Why has the Redcoin wallet been so used for so long, I have not turned off my computer for 2 months, but the end of synchronization is not visible. The wallet is all 120000.0 RDD!?
    Thanks! Viktor

  • Brian bruce

    Ok. Would someone explain to me how redcoin is going to actually make money? I mean as a redcoin buyer what is going to drive up the price?

  • Formerstudent

    I purchased reddcoin, downloaded the wallet and transferred my reddcoin to the wallet HOWEVER the wallet will not sync… so did I lose my reddcoin? The transaction from the exchange shows as complete… PLEASE HELP

  • CryptoHobo

    Follow these steps to get your wallet to sync.

    Follow them on Twitter for updates. The team is growing again.
    Twitter: @Reddcoin

    Have fun,

  • Formerstudent

    I completed the steps from the video and still it states out of sync and my coins did not show up. This was my first crypto purchase and I chose REDD coin because I liked the business model. Sucks that I just lost my money. But thanks for trying to help.

    It states out of sync, no block source available, 0 connections, not staking wallet offline.

  • CryptoHobo

    Did you let the wallet run for awhile? It usually takes it a little time to connect to the nodes.

  • CryptoHobo

    Try adding some active nodes also.
    1) Help menu
    2) Select Debug Window
    3) Select the Console Tab
    4) Enter each line below. After each line press ENTER and then enter the next line.

    addnode add
    addnode add
    addnode add
    addnode add
    addnode add

  • Formerstudent

    I added the lines you told me in the console tab. nothing has changed but I will let it run for a few hours…. Thank you for trying to assist me. I can’t say this is a scam (new to crypto) but Reddcoin most certainly didn’t work for me, it sucks to just lose money like that.

  • CryptoHobo

    If it still doesn’t work e-mail me:

    Lanmonkey_1999 (at) Yahoo (dot) com

  • Chris

    I would like to know why development and marketing teams aren’t active and giving updates on the coin and the progress?
    Only way this coin is going to really take off is if the people behind the coin start putting themselves “out there” so people know what to look forward to… Have a look at the PivX site. That is what you should be doing to promote the brand. People investing in PivX know exactly what is happening with their investment.
    I hold a lot of Reddcoin because I believe in the project but the world needs to see that the people from Reddcoin believe in their project as well.

  • Stu
  • Youngrual Back

    I installed reddcoin wallet but didnt work to synchronize just pop up “can’t fine block sauce”. If I wait for this page, synchronization works?

  • Jake Townsend

    good question. if it’s not in any exchange then it won’t be traded for the price to go high.

  • Anshul Kumar

    Dear Sir/Ma’am
    I had sent 264939.87888298 RDD coin to my Yobit exchange’s RDD wallet address – Rj4nzpQpxbfSZgevS5WGNMtf1LDfMXd5GQ with this TxId: 1ea8ee89f5c77e7c87acbef319890b6ea1fcacb5e3bacbe0af55a912435cd511

    But still there is nothing in my RDD wallet. I got nothing in my Yobit exchange’s RDD coin wallet. It has been a long time.

    I request you to please help me.
    Thank You.