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Dear fellow Reddheads:

After the successful launch of PoSV, which has been working beautifully so far, we entered another brief “release-lite-yet-work-heavy” period. Members of the dev team are working on different projects as described in our roadmap, e.g. Android wallet, iOS wallet, hierarchical deterministic wallet, Social X, next-gen tipping platform etc. These voluntary efforts will bear fruit in the near future.

It’s good time for a Q&A session. So post any question below, whether it’s related to staking or wallet or anything else.



  • rangga sunarto

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to report the transaction issue during my coin withdrawal from to

    The transaction was completely sent according to this explorer:

    Yet is not credited into my account in bittrex since it is not shown according to this explorer that bittrex staff said:

    I have tried to clear this issue with both of the sites but they do not give a solution, though.

    I hope you could help me to solve this.

    Thank you

  • Joy33260

    hi what is the total quantity of reddcoin? is the quantity infinite like ripple ?

  • Watson Watson

    hi i downloaded your wallet on pc and sent half my coins to see if it worked they sent and blockchain downloaded so i went to back up wallet then i got a error saying it had fault loading blockchain and to redownload it, its now taking forever and i dont know if that means my coins wer lost was near half a mil coins

  • Watson Watson

    does anyone reply here>? dont mean to sound rude :)

  • garlixdotcom

    been staking for weeks, all of a sudden it said i don’t have mature coins?

  • Виктор Клён

    Hello! Why has the Redcoin wallet been so used for so long, I have not turned off my computer for 2 months, but the end of synchronization is not visible. The wallet is all 120000.0 RDD!?
    Thanks! Viktor