Reddcoin Core v3.10.2 is now in general release and available from: or

This is an IMPORTANT new minor version release, bringing the ability to manage, ban or disconnect down-level peers making excessive network requests or otherwise misbehaving due to PoSV v2 soft-fork. Includes bug fixes and security refinements.

Due to important peer management components and tools being needed to adjust Reddcoin’s network performance to address remaining down-level pre-PoSV v2 wallets, we have adjusted our dev inclusion schedule to enable this release of v3.10.2.

While this release does not include live “headers-first” technology, still under final testing, it DOES includes important enhancements to the wallet’s behavior with regard to older peers causing a virtual DoS (“Denial Of Service”) effect.

The code implemented in this release will help with this condition by both temporarily banning misbehaving nodes, and adding manual tools to the wallet interface peer list to act directly. No global blacklists, whitelists, or other restrictive technology have been applied, allowing such clients the ability to upgrade and rejoin the Reddcoin consensus and PoSV v2 once issue of block version is addressed.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

How to Upgrade

While the upgrade process normally does not touch the “wallet.dat” file, it is good practice to make a backup of your wallet file prior to any upgrade or downgrade operations. A simple backup can be performed using the File -> Backup… option to export a copy of the wallet file to a safe location.

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Reddcoin-Qt (on Mac) or reddcoind/reddcoin-qt (on Linux).

Downgrade warning

If you want to be able to downgrade smoothly, make a backup of your entire data directory. Without this your node will need start syncing (or importing from bootstrap.dat) anew afterwards. It is possible that the data from a completely synchronised 3.10 node may be usable in older versions as-is, but this is not supported and may break as soon as the older version attempts to reindex.

This does not affect wallet forward or backward compatibility.

Notable changes

3.10.2 Change log



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