Hi guys

I’m happy to announce that Reddcoin Twitter Bot is now in production. It has been changed to the new Twitter handle @tipreddcoin. There are outstanding balances at the old handle @itipyou. I tried to migrate them automatically but ran into some seriously problems. So I’m now relying on you to withdraw balance from @itipyou to @tipreddcoin. Please do the following:

If you want more details, you can find them in the test procedure document here: https://reddcoin.com/twitter-bot/

I’m running two bots at the same time until your balances are transferred. Thank you all for your support.

Also more excitingly, I need you all to vote for the next social network bot for me to work on.: Flickr? Steam? I’ll need to look at their APIs and find out how feasible they are. But cast your vote now!

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