To all ReddHeads and crypto enthusiasts who’ve used the Reddcoin Twitter Tipbot, please pay attention to the following:

The Twitter Tipbot has worked quite reliably until present date, but has been down for a number of days as far as public tipping. Direct message interaction with the bot should still work. After some research into the issue, it appears that Twitter has made some recent changes to their API and endpoints, impacting the way the bot operates, which is why it has stopped working. As it would take a bit of rewriting to return to full public operation, we’ve decided to shut it down, in favor of users using the soon-to-be-released ReddID extension (or embedded ReddID on certain sites) and the new electrum wallet infrastructure to send tips on Twitter and other social networks.

It is for that reason we need to announce, if you have a balance on the Twitter Tipbot’s wallet, please take steps to withdraw your funds immediately.

Any funds remaining on the wallet as of October 1, 2018 will be considered abandoned and will be donated toward Reddcoin Core development and server costs.

Also, please note, the Telegram bot will continue operating normally until it can also be transitioned to the new Electrum infrastructure.

If you have any questions, please reach out to any member of the Core team, including myself. And look for some exciting updates shortly about ReddID, plans for the new Reddcoin Exchange, some new partnerships and team members, and some cool detail as to future plans for the project.

Stake on, Reddheads!!

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