Watching the black and white text scroll of a dev console and software environment can be a rollercoaster. More failures than successes, but learning and improving throughout. Still, both emotional and physically draining in the process. Fun? You betcha. When things work as expected and we get to make these sorts of announcements. Less fun, the numerous issues that came before, and will come after. It is in fact a marathon of technology we’re all on. But back to the point.

When things fail to compile, when random low-level bugs crop up, when software fails to work as expected, it’s a loss of time and heart. In crypto as well as technology in general, we’ve learned to keep at it, to dig, to understand, to learn how the problem is caused in order to fix it.

So we did. Staking at it’s core is a central and fundamental aspect of the blockchain’s security and operation. It requires depth of understanding, sophisticated knowledge and a singular ability to follow loose threads of new concepts until completion. Good devs are hard to find.

(Redd, of course, welcomes any such that want to share the anguish and victory with us!)

Accordingly, we’re thrilled to note that a major hurdle to adjusting (or accepting) staking from our current production 3.10.X to 4.22.X wallets and PoSVv2 has been achieved and passed. Stakes from both version clients are now accepting on testnet indicating the largest blocking issue we’ve faced is solved.


And with major, major kudos to our ReddCoin Core dev team, especially CryptoGnasher and Barrystyle, we can happily move things along to continue and complete testing, and work toward required front-end and “User Experience” redesign. Again, suggestions from the community (as well as fully joining in the design and build process, to learn as well as contribute) are welcome from all. | |

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