Reddcoin 4.22.0 entering into open beta testing…

ReddCoin Core is pleased to announce that Reddcoin finally has been able to move forward sufficiently with Core wallet development to be able to offer to users preliminary beta testing. For access to testnetRDD and instructions, bug reports, and working with the Redd team, please join our Discord at: Discord – A New Way to […]

ReddCoin – Utility Status

Cryptocurrency regulations are constantly being looked at nowadays, with the latest news being that president Biden is issuing an executive order next week to study cryptocurrencies and a central bank digital currency(CBDC), to come up with a strategy to regulate all digital assets. This can be a good thing, but also a bad thing for […]

Re-engineering #BTC and #RDD Core Code – Staking acceptance milestone!

Watching the black and white text scroll of a dev console and software environment can be a rollercoaster. More failures than successes, but learning and improving throughout. Still, both emotional and physically draining in the process. Fun? You betcha. When things work as expected and we get to make these sorts of announcements. Less fun, […]

SeedCard Download links

SeedCard a4 EN SeedCard a4 EN.pdf 2 MB download-circle SeedCard a4 NL SeedCard a4 NL.pdf 1 MB download-circle SeedCard a4 SP SeedCard a4 SP.pdf 1 MB download-circle If there are any other languages that the ReddHead community wants to see, write to an admin on the ReddCoin Telegram at and help us out!

ReddMobile – QR Scanning & URI linking

Another step in the chain to ReddMobile tipping, Scan & Tip or Scan & Pay! Scan a QR code and open the wallet automatically for sending or tipping on both Apple and Android platforms! Building toward enablement with #ReddID name lookup & registration, building mobile crypto for real-world usecases, piece by piece. For those technically […]

Project Redd SeedCards

People often ask how they can help the ReddCore Team, even though they don’t have any knowledge in development or IT related jobs. As the community is one of the most important parts in the cryptospace for every blockchain project, we try to get the people engaged in sharing and caring for our project. To […]

ReddCoin Core 3.10.4 & Redd’s blog goes live again!

Downloadable from our trusted site, the newest incremental version of the ReddCoin (RDD) Core wallet is available for use now. If you’re staking, the newest release version is always the best to be using, and with this release, we are at v3.10.4. Instaling ReddCoin Core wallet on top of existing installs is always safe […]

Reddcoin (RDD) Core Wallet – v3.10.2 – DoS Mitigation and Peer Management Update

Reddcoin Core v3.10.2 is now in general release and available from: or This is an IMPORTANT new minor version release, bringing the ability to manage, ban or disconnect down-level peers making excessive network requests or otherwise misbehaving due to PoSV v2 soft-fork. Includes bug fixes and security refinements. Due to important peer management […]

July 6, 2020 – Reddcoin (RDD) Core v3.10.1 – Recommended Upgrade to Core Wallet

Reddcoin Core version 3.10.1 is now available from: or This is a new minor version release, bringing bug fixes and security refinements. Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github: How to Upgrade————– While the upgrade process normally does not touch the “wallet.dat” file, it is good practice to make a […]